Have you heard Huawei B970B Wireless 3G router? For some people who love to catch up with some newer devices and high-tech mobiles. Yes. as a mobile high-speed device from a leading telecom, Huawei 3g Router B970B captured a large number of markets around the world and received the unanimous affirmation of many users, Huawei B970B supports up to 7.2 Mbps download speed and 5.76 upload speed, with such high speed, Huawei 3g Router B970B can serve 32 users at once, which makes Huawei 3g Router B970B in a leading role Plan among many wireless devices.

However, people are still making progress in the way they mount the cutting edge of technology, it's the mobile technology. after much development and practice in the year 2012, Huawei release a new wireless router 3g unlocked Huawei B683 3G router, it is a new 3G wireless router with 28Mbps download speed which and 5.76 upload speed, it is said that this unlocked Huawei B683 is a 3G router is a wireless update and replace Huawei 3g Router B970B. Ok, now, let's review the unlocked Huawei B683.

Features Unlocked Huawei B683 3G Wireless Router:

DL 28.8Mbps HSPA + up

UL HSPA + up to 5.76

HSPA + / HSPA / WCDMA / UMTS 900/2100MHz

GSM / GPRS / EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

LAN: IEEE 802.3/802.3u

WLAN: IEEE 802.11b/g/n

WPS and integrated WCDMA / GSM and WLAN high gain antenna

External diversity antenna main USB 2.0 Interface

Demensions: 180 x 123 x 32.5mm

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7, Linux, Mac OS.

From the above characteristics, we learn that if high speed and multi-user capabilities, unlocked Huawei B683 is more appropriate for certain regions rather than people who are on the road or a number of people, do you think I'm right? Unlocked Huawei B683 supports many users and it is a bit expensive for a hand now provided Huawei B683 is only used by one person, resulting in the loss of resources and increased cost, why not not invite friends or colleagues to share Huawei B683 to reduce the cost? In the other hand, we know that unlocked Huawei B683 is a group of people, a term or a SOHO company, which is convenient for them to get sharing information and resources, and Huawei B683 can keep online all the time, so unlocked Huawei B683 3g wireless router is more popular now been released, and many people choose unlocked Huawei B683 as an assistant useful not only in their work but in their lives.

In addition, Huawei B683 has better hardware but not the software, in the appearance of applications, 3G network has coverage widely in most countries to never worry about B683 Unlocked Huawei can 't be used in your country. What is important Huawei B683 different from other mobile hotspots is that not only supported by Wi-Fi and 3G, but Huawei B683 also supports Ethernet connections with four LAN ports, so Most office equipment such as laptop, PSP, printer, smartphone can share signal for Huawei B683 is also known son and two wireless router in one.

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As the flagship of 4G LTE USB Modem, Huawei E392 4G LTE Multimode USB Modem like a big tree, derives many branch models, such as Huawei E392u-12, Huawei E392u-21, Huawei E392u-22, Huawei E392u-92, Huawei E392u-6, Huawei E392u-9, Huawei E392u-511 etc… They are for different operators in different areas, so they incorporate difference modules to support various 4G LTE bands. So it make so many people feel confuse with them. Today, we would like to tell you the detail information about Huawei E392u-12, which is very popular in Huawei E392 tree.

Huawei E392 4G LTE Modem becomes the first option for many network providers because it high quality and reliable performance. As the sometime it is one of the most popular models.

Before we give the conclusion, how about talking about the 4G network deployment status. From the beginning of 2012, operators all over the world are planning and starting deploying the 4g networks. At this trend, the providers in Asia seems running faster than European operators. May be it’s due to the economic depression in European area.

Per the report of 4G network status, LTE technology is most commonly adopted to use in data transmission. And the LTE Band 1800 MHz is most commonly deployed spectrum, 38% current LTE networks choose 1800 MHz (Band 3). It’s the reframing of GSM 1800 MHz. As we know, GSM is the most common 2G network. And per our information, Band 7(2600Mhz) is also the common FDD network in Europe and APEC areas. Then we look back to Huawei E392 LTE Modem. The brand model works on band 3 and band 7 has two models Huawei 392u-12 and E392u-6.

Huawei E392U-12 4G Modem support LTE FDD 800/1800/2600 MHz while Huawei E392U-6 4G Surfstick supports LTE FDD 900/1800/2100/2600Mhz. Band 1(2100MHz) is only available at North American and Band 8 ( 900 MHz) only deployed in few countries. But 800 MHz is a common LTE spectrum in Europe and Asia.

In this case, we could conclusion that Huawei E392u-12 LTE Modem is the most commonly used 4G LTE Surfstick. If you are a professional journalist or other professional who usually travel between countries and need fast data transmission, it’s necessary to take Huawei E392u-12 around. Frankly speaking, comparing with 3G USB modem, Huawei E392 LTE Modem seems a little large, but compare with digital camera and luggage carrier, it’s slim enough.

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Here are a number of useful tips to help you experience any problems with your Huawei E589 4G LTE Router. We hope that can help you a lot .

When you enter your WiFi etc, password or want to change the security you need to do this in the section settings of the software landing page. To access the landing page, you will need to connect your computer to the device, and enter the URL in your web browser. If at any time in order to require the landing page, the user name and password are both admin.

Huawei E589 4G LTE Router - Build your DEVICE

It is easy to mount your Huawei E589 - Follow these simple steps. -Insert the SIM card into the card slot -Second make sure that the SIM card in the correct direction -Third Slide the SIM card into the slot

Please do not use a SIM card, which is not standard or not with your Huawei E589 4G LTE Router or it may be damaged. -Insert the microSD card in your Huawei E589 -The microSD card is an optional accessory. You can choose to buy a memory upgrade. -Removing the SIM or microSD card -Gently press into the card, the microSD or SIM card out to remove -Second do not remove the microSD or SIM card when the card is in use if the map and your Huawei E589 could be damaged and corrupted data


The mobile broadband landing page, you can manage your connection to the network. To access the landing page, you need to connect your computer to the device and enter the URL in your web browser.

There are five areas of the landing page:


This is the home screen and is displayed when you first to the target page. The home screen shows connected your signal strength and fast statistics as data usage and time.


If you have a limited amount of data available each month, you can manage your data allowance by accessing the target page and click Statistics in the menu above. This will show you exactly how much data you are using during the session and overall.


To send and receive text messages, simply click SMS. This will take you to the Messaging Inbox, allowing you to manage your SMS messages.


The update screen is from the landing page. Simply click on updates and software to complete an automatic search for available updates.


The settings page, you can create a new connection using the Setup Wizard, if you cannot connect to the Internet. You can also switch between 2G, 4G or 3G/3G + switch; does a web search or setting advanced features of the router.

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Today , we would like to tell you some useful tips for Huawei E589 Mobile WIFI, there are detail information about it .We hope that can help you lot.

Huawei E589 Mobile WIFI - alternating between 2G, 4G and 3G/3G +

Follow the steps below to change to between 2G, 4G or 3G/3G + with Huawei E589.

1. To switch between 2G, 3G/3G + or 4G, you must first press on the home page home screen separating

2. Log on to the landing page and click on Settings

3. Click Dial-up on the left menu, then Network Settings

4. In the main window, click the preferred mode drop-down box under Network on

5. Choose from Auto, only 2G, 3G only or 4G only, and then press Apply

Huawei E589 Mobile WIFI - Send an SMS

It's simple, the text of your Huawei E589.First you need to access the Mobile broadband landing page. To do this, you need to connect your computer to the device and enter the URL in your web browser. There are five areas of the landing page in five tabs at the top of the screen - Home, Statistics, SMS, updates and settings. To send and receive text messages just click on the SMS tab. This will take you to the Messaging Inbox, allowing you to manage your SMS messages.

Huawei E589 Mobile WIFI - GET KNOWLEDGE on your screen SYMBOLS

Learn about the icons on your Huawei E589 so you know exactly what is what.

1. Signal strength - from weak to strong. It's not rocket science, is a vulnerable, while five is the strongest

2. Network - Access to 4G/3G/2G networks

3. WiFi-enabled, number of connected devices

4. Internet Connection Status - A: Auto mode, M: Manual Mode

5. New messages, the number of new messages - lets you know when you have a message and how many have received

6. Battery state of charge - from weak to strong - show when you are running low. No bars is bad news, while four bars means that you rock and roll

7. International roaming condition

8. Traffic data, duration of the connection

9. A: Auto mode, M: Manual mode

Huawei E589 Mobile WIFI - switching network

Follow these steps to turn off data roaming on and to browse the Internet using your Huawei E589.

1. To switch between 2G, 3G/3G + or 4G, you must first press on the home page home screen separating

2. Log on to the landing page and click on Settings

3. Click Dial-up on the left menu, then Network Settings

4. In the main window to the mode drop-down box and then under Network Search

5. Select Manual, and then press Apply

6. Choose from the list of available networks, to complete the manual selection

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We know that Huawei E392 unlock 4G LTE USB Modem becomes more and more popular now ,and last time we introduce Huawei E392 family , this time , we would like to tell you some information about Huawei E392 LTE Modem Test,we hope that can help you a lot.

Previously, LTE sticks always available with branding and software of the large mobile operators Vodafone, O2 and Telekom. These sticks are printed externally with a logo of the network operator and the preinstalled software can often allow only certain SIM cards into the slot. Nowadays, Huawei E392 4G LTE Surf stick on the market can easily be used with any carrier and not tailored to a particular provider.

The scope of delivery is only a small strap and some instructions. The wrist strap is also attached to the stick and on the cover for the USB port, thus preventing that the cover is lost. Overall looking, the Huawei E392 unlock 4G LTE Modem has quite large and bulky for a surf stick, which is certainly the fact that the USB port is not rotatable.

The Huawei E392 unlock can be run on both Windows and Mac OS X. After you have inserted the SIM card and the flash drive connected to the computer, the connection software to install.Installation takes usually only a few minutes, then the LTE stick can be used immediately. If the PIN protection is enabled SIM card, you will be prompted to enter the PIN. Other settings do not normally need to be made, the connection software detects the inserted SIM card and automatically configures the matching connection parameters. If there are two different APNs with a provider, you can select them before joining in a dropdown menu. By clicking on the “Connect” the Internet connection is established –the Huawei E392 LTE Modem will select the fastest available network.

Under the LTE network,Huawei E392 unlock could reach speeds of up to 100 Mbit/s download and the upload speed up to 50 MBit/s. Huawei E392 LTE Modem is not only suitable for all German LTE networks, but also in other countries, such as in Scandinavia and in Australia. When the stick is used in the UMTS network, based DC-HSPA + the speed could reach up to 43.2 Mbit/s- provided at the current location,this speed is also supported. In my test, I was able to achieve in the download about 52 Mbit/s in the Vodafone LTE network in the UMTS network of Telekom there were at least another 30 Mbit/s The high data rates are not only marketing, but with matching fare quite well in practice achievable.

The reception of the Huawei E392 unlock is not quite as good as that of the Vodafone K5005 or by Telekom Speed Stick LTE Telekom. while the telecom Speed Stick LTE 4G connection is possible, it shows the Huawei E392 3G networks only as available.In my experience,this is also due to the Huawei E392 LTE Modem can’t be rotated into a vertical position where the reception is usually a bit better. If you live in an under-served area, it is advisable to use an external antenna. For it provides the LTE stick two connections for two separate external antennas or MIMO antenna with two antenna connectors–depending on use case.

Finally, we can see that the Huawei E392 definitely a good LTE stick. Especially for global travelers,Huawei E392 LTE Modem could support all major bands and frequencies; it’s a good companion to go all over the world.The preinstalled software can convince with easy operation and quick setup. Unlocked Huawei E392 4G LTE modem is a good gadget a enjoy 4G network. Or alternatively, it can keep fast connection under 3g network.Equipped with an alternative connection software, it is also possible to use the Vodafone K5005 with all network operators.

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Many people know Huawei E5756 and Huawei E587, then there comes a question; they do not know which one should they choice from Huawei E5756 and Huawei E587?Today, we would like to share you some information about them. Hope that can help you a lot.

Huawei recently released a new pocket WiFi Hotspot for E5 Family. The model number is Huawei E5756, take notice, it’s Huawei E5756 42Mbps Pocket WiFi, not Huawei E5776 4G 100Mbps LTE Pocket WiFi. Frankly speaking, we feel glad that Huawei products are more and more user-oriented and focusing on the market demand.

Someone may say Huawei E587 is already a pocket WiFi for 42Mbps based on DC-HSPA+ technology. With external antenna and support 5 users, it almost the top configuration of Huawei 3G Pocket WiFi. From Huawei E5756, we could see something special, that’s why we say Huawei is paying more attention to users and market demand.

Huawei E5756 inculpates the basic functions of 3G portable WiFi Hotspot, supporting 5 users to share WiFi network, easy to take in pocket size, LED screen to show the connection status and operator information. One key special feature is that except 3G Router function, Huawei E5756 could also work as a mobile power bank. What a amazing! Perhaps many users are feeling tired to take an iPhone, iPad or other electronics outside. To keep the electronics continuous power supply, they must take a power bank, but more importantly, to keep them connected with network, a portable WiFi router is a necessary gadget. So they want less weight in their bag, Huawei finds this demand, and combines the router function and power bank function into one. Then Huawei E5756 HSPA+ 42Mbps Pocket WiFi and Power bank is born.

Looking at Huawei E587 Mobile WiFi Hotspot, it could only work as 3G WiFi Router, so the mobile power function is key difference between Huawei E5756 Pocket WiFi. If you have opportunity to choose between them, which one you will take?

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Are you a newbie for mobile broadband? Have you heard Huawei E589 Mobile WIFI? How much do you know about Huawei E589 Mobile WIFI 4G Router? Are you expect you have a device that bring you access whatever 2G GSM, 3G UMTS, 4G LTE? Short for Multi-Mode mobile divece.Are you wanna sharing us wireless with others but not affect yourself as the sometime. No matter what, Welcome to follow me to know more about Huawei E589 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot.

Huawei E589 is released by Huawei Company; there are several editions for E589, different names, different model, etc... In this Article, we’re talking about one of the most powerful unit Huawei E589u-12 Hotspot router. Huawei E589U-12 is a unit of Huawei E589 LTE FDD folder, it is special for 4G LTE FDD operators, conveyed early Feb. 2012, supports 10 WIFI devices accession and up to 10 hours battery working time, its bands frequencies cover 93% of worldwide 4g networks.

Huawei E589u-12 is similar with other Huawei E589 models, multi-mode functional. Huawei E589u-12 works for 4G LTE FDD, 3G UMTS and 2G GSM networks, that archive no matter what networks your location, it never suspend, automatic switch between the 3 modes, ensure you’re online anytime, that’s the light point for multi-mode.

Huawei E589 supports 10 accessions do not worry about the speeds. Take it easy, it supports peak speed up to 100Mbps download and 50Mbps upload, even under the 3G mode, also up to 42Mbps download and 5.76Mbps upload in DC-HSPA+, and more, it is also limit 30Mbps for WIFI transfer speed, it is personality designed.

I would rather to share the detail specification of Huawei E589u-12 for all reference:

Huawei E589 LTE mobile WIFI 4G router specifications:

*Platform: MDM9200

*LTE/4G/3G/2G Multimode

*LTE 2600/2100/1800/900/800MHz

*UMTS 2100/900MHz

*Support 100Mbps download speed

*Support 50Mbps upload speed

*Battery life up to 6 hours

*WiFi 802.11 b/g/n

*MicroSD slot, share file on Micro SD card

*OS: Win7, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Linux, Mac.

E589, a 4G router with support LTE, 3G & 2G,is the sole other LTE router on display, 100Mbps peak speed and up to works for 10 devices simultaneous, it is a good choice for SOHO.

In total, Huawei E589 is a good device for personal or SOHO wireless, high recommends for everyone especially for the mobile fans! Now, this router is promotion on 4glteway.com. Everyone buys it will get a free gift as Christmas gift, do not hesitate to buy one if you need.

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After we have already introduced the new Huawei E587 MiFi Hotspot in our previous post, we would like now to introduce the new 3G mobile hotspot ,it is ZTE MF80 Portable 3G Router. Follow me to know more about ZTE MF80 43.2Mbps UMTS HSPA+ Wireless Mobile WiFi Hotspot if you want to.

It is like the Huawei E587 Wireless 3G Router to work as a hotspot; ZTE MF80 allows the latest UMTS specification DC-HSPA+ data rates of up to 43.2 Mbit/s downstream and up to 5.7 Mbit/s upstream.

The ZTE MF80 3G WiFi Router weights only 97 grams, it is lighter than E587, despite increasing functionality as the Huawei E587. The dimensions of the ZTE MF80 fits in your shirt pocket, because it is 102x55x16mm from the base, pocket size just as small as a credit card. Up to 10 devices can be connected to the ZTE MF80 Mobile WiFi Hotspot; the MF80 has sufficient reserves in any situation, even if the Internet connection in the office or in the University is once again disturbed.

It also incorporates Li-Ion battery of 1900 mAh, up to 5 hours working.. If you want to stay longer online can also connect it with the included USB cable to his computer and even use it as a normal USB modem, as one would expect from a UMTS surf stick.

However, the ZTE MF80 3G WiFi Router is significantly more comfortable than an ordinary surf stick. Thus it provides the auto-APN recognition worldwide in 99% of SIM cards that you only need to place your SIM card into the device and have the fun really surfing. The connected devices can be governed by the Wi-Fi b / g or n standard to connect to the MF80 and thus spark a maximum data rate of 150 Mbit / s each. The connection is encrypted, of course after the WPA2 standard from the factory, so you need have no fear of unwanted co-users. So this mobile hotspot can be ideal in their office environment or in your holiday home, where you can share information with their family holiday greetings and receive news from home.

The overall management, such as changing the wireless password, settings around the router functionality and more is done by a modern and intuitive web-based interface.

As a special eye-catcher, the ZTE MF80 Wireless UMTS Hotspot, with an OLED display, which provides information about the signal strength of the cellular network, the connection type, the battery level, the number of devices connected and other data, is ideal for holidays, for example, the display indicates whether the roaming Activates. This protects you while surfing abroad against high bills from your provider or a rapidly discharging prepaid card. For a more detailed list of possible display information and more detailed information visit our store.

In order to provide better reception even in remote locations, the ZTE MF80 3G WiFi Router offers the possibility of a UMTS antenna with TS-9 antenna connector, such as this one to join.

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Hot Huawei E589 mobile 4G LTE Router is promotion on 4glteway

Are you waiting for the Huawei E589 mobile 4G LTE Router? I am glad to tell you that it is arrived now .Yes, it's finally arrived, we can 100% sure, based on the photos, and it is the Huawei E589. This is a multi-mode Mobile WiFi router with up to 10 devices either LTE, HSPA +, 3G or even 2G can. LTE can go up to 100 Mbps download speeds (if the network can offer).

With respect to the hardware design, it is still pocket-friendly, but it is quite large in comparison to other mobile wireless devices. It is slightly smaller than the iPhone 4.

LTE router Huawei E589 is the first Multi-mode W-Fi router that supports GSM networks UMTS LTE TDD / FDD, which allows up to 10 Wi-Fi devices to enter the mobile network simultaneously , creating a truly portable Internet point high speed (LTE network up to 100 Mbps download and 50 Mbps upload). It makes it possible to easily connect smart phones, computers, surf boards and cameras to the 4G network, via Wi-Fi.

The unlocked E589 mobile router is pocket sized and features a mirror design and high definition TFT (Thin Film Transistor) big screen. With a large capacity battery supporting 6 hours of continuous use, you can easily connect to the wireless broadband network anywhere, anytime.

Here are the E589 specifications:

Huawei E589 Data

* Platform: MDM9200

* LTE/4G/3G/2G Multimode

* LTE 2600/2100/1800/900MHz

* UMTS 2100/900MHz

* Support 100Mbps download speed

* Supports 50Mbps upload speed

* Battery life up to 6 hours

* WiFi 802.11 b / g / n

* MicroSD slot, shares file to Micro SD card

* OS: Win7, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Linux, Mac.

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Huawei E398 4G LTE USB Stick which was released earliest at 2012 MWC. Soon it becomes a shining star and being pursued by many people. Since Huawei’s strength in mobile dongles and telecommunication equipment, it is true that Huawei E398 will bring something new to wireless world.

Actually, we know more about Vodafone K5005 4G LTE Stick than Huawei E398, probably because Vodafone takes steps faster to let his client to enjoy high speed. And Telecom follows the steps. First, follow me to know more about E398.

Just after Huawei began to launch the expansion of the world’s first 4G LTE commercial network engineering, this new USB modem product came out in the year, 2012. And it has only been a few months since this unlocked Huawei E398 USB modem was plunged into electronic marketplace. With more and more people have joined in life of mobile network, the 4G LTE USB Modem and Pocket Wi-Fi is becoming more and more popular at the same time. As a result, the Huawei E398 4G LTE USB Modem is really an apple in the eyes of the merchants and customers due to its powerful functions and advantages.

The technical data of the E398 are the following:

LTE frequencies see table above

LTE, category 3, ie a maximum of 100Mbit / s download and 50Mbit / s upload

UMTS (3G) 900/2100 MHz

DC-HSPA + in the UMTS network with up to 42Mbit / s download and up to 11Mbit / s upload


GSM along with EDGE and GPRS 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

MicroSD slot up to 32GB

1 connector for external antenna (E398u-18)

2 connectors for external antenna (Speed Stick LTE E398u-15, K5005)

When talking about network experience, many people probably care the internet speed above all. Thus, it is necessary to have a portable and powerful router for those people who are always on the travel way or usually work outside. Now Vodafone K5005 4G LTE USB Modem comes out, which supports the main popular LTE frequency 800/2600MHz, can satisfy anyone who is serious about network.

Do you know what advantages do this Vodafone K5005 4G LTE Surfstick have? Now I will show you its characters in detail. First of all, the unlocked Vodafone K5005 actually gets high speed, as its LTE downlink can up to 100Mps and uplink is 50Mps. Second, the unlocked Vodafone k5005 supports LTE 800/2600 MHz, HSPA+/UMTS 900/2100 MHz, and EDGE/GPRS/GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz, which has proved that the Vodafone k5005 is a high class 4G LTE USB Modem product. What’s more, for the unlocked Huawei K5005, the internal antenna, external antenna connector are available. So you can play computer games and enjoy fast network wherever. And it can operate on Windows 7/2000/XP / Vista and Mac OS. Besides the core features I mentioned above, the outline designed for unlocked Vodafone k5005 is also a light spot. Its dimension is 92*32*15 mm, small and portable. It also looks smart with white body and red edge. And the weight of unlocked Vodafone K5005 is just 40g, which is light enough.

Today, the 4G wireless networks commonly operate under third generation technology networks which include Global System for Mobile communications or GSM. It is lucky and fashion to use the advanced 4G LTE technology at the first time when it comes out, because we can get a new range of services and benefits. Discovering this Huawei K5005 4G LTE USB Modem, you really deserve having it.

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